Registrar and Company Secretary: Eddie Birch

Please contact me about membership enquiries.
Social Secretary: Heather Stotton

I deal with the Rep social scene. Contact me with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions for future Rep social events.
Dramatic Director: Bob Brown

If you are interested in acting with the Rep then I want to hear from you RIGHT AWAY.
Stage Manager: Tony Carver

Please contact me for any comments about our stage sets, or about joining the company for backstage work of any kind.
Chair and Treasurer: Sarah Cleverley

The opinion of our audience is important to us. If you would like to write to us about any of our productions, or suggest a play for the future, please write to our Chairman at 26 Albany Street, Clifton, Rotherham S65 2AE. You are also most welcome to Email by clicking the picture.
Miscellaneous: Elaine Demaine

Miscellaneous queries. If you aren't sure who to contact, please contact me!
Publicity Manager: Sheila Halse

I deal with matters promoting the Rep image and status, along with the design and provision of programs, posters, advertisments etc.
Business Manager: Janice Lewis

Please contact me for Season Tickets information, or any other Rep business matter.
Sponsorship Secretary: Elliot Montgomery

If you wish to become a sponsor, or if you have any questions concerning sponsorship, please contact me.
Social Media: Catherine Richards

Responsible for comments and matters concerning our use of FaceBook & Twitter to promote our work.
Treasurer and Chair: Sarah Cleverley

I deal with all aspects of the Rep's financial management. Please contact me with any relevant matter.
Company Secretary and Registrar: Eddie Birch

Please contact me on all matters relating to the Rep Limited Company status.
Website Manager: Shaun Hollingworth

Not an official Rep officer, simply a 'Rep' member for many years, who manages this web site, so please get in touch with me regarding this site if you have seen errors, omissions, incorrect information, or have ideas, suggestions or praise!